When can I start studying?

The masterclass is now open and you are free to go through the course in any pace you'd like.

How do the tests & exams work?

If you've purchased our Student or Pro license, you will be asked to complete a short multiple-choice exam at the end of each module. You must complete the exam in order to proceed to the next module.

At the end of the masterclass, a longer, more thorough examination will follow, including open questions and assignments evaluated by the Lecturer. Based on your performance, you will be issued a digital certificate of completion signed by the Lecturer.

Are more masterclasses coming?

Absolutely. We are hard at work developing more courses led by the most interesting minds in marketing and advertising.

How will the live sessions and Q&As work?

If you've purchased a Pro license, you will be able to participate in a total of 4 livestreamed sessions with the lecturer. Each session will be slightly different - there might even be a guest or two - but in any case you will be able to ask questions throughout.

Accounts, orders, VAT

Can I purchase the masterclass for someone else in my company?

Absolutely, you will be able to assign students in your user account.

How do you calculate VAT?

Our company is registered as a VAT payer in the Czech Republic, therefore we are adding VAT to your purchases where applicable.

EU business - 0% standard reverse charge added
CZ business - 21% VAT added
Businesses from other countries - no VAT added

EU non-businesses - 21% VAT added
CZ non-businesses - 21% VAT added
Businesses from other countries - no VAT added

I don't want to go through an order form, can you invoice me instead?

Absolutely - feel free to reach out at info@furmint.io, let us know which licenses you're interested in and how many of them you need. If you're interested in a larger order for your teams, we're happy to offer a group discount.